Daily Express (UK): Germany TERRIFIED of Brexit: No deal could trigger ‘MASSIVE CRISIS' - 'UK is responsible'

Marc Tenbieg, managing director of the German Mittelstand Association (DMB), told the Daily Telegraph: “Long-term business relationships between companies from both countries are in danger from a no-deal-Brexit.

“German SMEs have built up intensive and trusting business relationships with British companies over many years on the basis of stable political and economic conditions. It’s detrimental for both countries if functioning market and trade structures are frivolously endangered by volatile political decisions.” But Mr Tenbieg argued the “EU’s position has been consistent throughout the negotiations” and accused Prime Minister Theresa May of handling the exit deal in an “erratic” manner. [...]


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Rebecca Perring

Daily Express: Express.co.uk
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 07.02.2019
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